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We’re dedicated to building the highest quality panels
We take great pride in knowing that we design and fabricate panels to the highest quality standards. NorthWind utilizes industry recognized control panel design procedures and tools to ensure efficient panel layout, circuit analysis, and code compliance.
NorthWind Control Panel
NorthWind Panel Technican Wiring Electrical Panel
NorthWind Control Panel
NorthWind Engineer Tuning a VFD
Panel Technician wiring panel
You will have a daily reminder of NorthWind’s dedication to quality when you walk by or open one of our control panels on your plant floor.


Our skilled craftsmen are well-trained, using modular layouts and common components that make it easy for you to maintain our control panels and implement upgrades well into the future.  Because you care about safety in your business, safety is also a top priority at NorthWind.  Every aspect of the control panel design and fabrication process, from component selection to sizing and installation, is done with safety in mind.  We fabricate industrial control panels in our on-site U.L. Listed facility.

This climate-controlled manufacturing space, with high bay doors and loading docks for efficient materials’ handling and transport, is equipped for full power-up testing of panel components.  Each panel is quality-checked and inspected point-to-point prior to being shipped to your location.

Automated Panel Cutting & Pre-Drilling

By automating our panel cutting and pre-drilling process, we are able to quickly and precisely cut and pre-drill enclosures, saving you time and money.

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Jobsite Safety: Working with Controls Panels

We are all aware of the dangers of electric shock, but few realize how little current and how small voltages can cause a fatal shock. Current as low as 30mA can be fatal.  Since a standard toaster uses about 12500mA, you can see that the threat of electric shock is ever present.  However, using the right tools and safety procedures can greatly reduce this risk.

24VDC vs 120VAC

In the process of designing and purchasing new equipment, the decision about what digital control voltage to choose for a facility to standardize on is often not clear cut. Manufacturers, control engineers, plant personnel and other decision makers can lean different directions with reasons ranging from specific design requirements to personal preference. There are a multitude of different options, but by and large the two most popular options are 24VDC (volts, direct current) and 120VAC (volts, alternating current). Both 24VDC and 120VAC powered devices are readily available and each have their advantages and drawbacks.